I’m a passionate reader and knowing the value of good books in the christian growth. Since 2004 I’m involved in christian literature. I began to distribute literature in various ways and Sophos (meaning wisdom, wisdom) was born.

In 2016 Sophos became a bigger project, a true publishing house, thanks to a shared vision with other pastors and friends: Mark Brucato, other pastor at Nuova Vita, Pietro Ciavarella and Andrea Giorgi, pastors of the Logos Church in Florence.

In particular, Pietro has been author of several publications for some years now, some already made by Sophos (How to Have Peace with God, Proverbs), others in re-edition (The Trinity, The perfect prayer) and other new ones (5 Solas, with A.Giorgi). And many other editorial projects in progress.

Our desire is that the resources that arise in our churches in the form of preaching and teaching become resources for the Italian church

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