Meet an intern: Alberto

“You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” 2 Timothy 2:1-2

In these words of Paul we notice 3 generations of leaders: Paul that teaches Timothy, Timothy that teaches other faithful men, these faithful men that will teach others. The ministry of the gospel gets reproduced!

One of the most significant aspects of a pastor’s ministry is to train disciples and men who love the Word of God and be able to teach it to others. I really love to be involved in this kind of development.

This is why at Nuova Vita church ( we started a ministry called “internship”.

Alberto is the youngest of our interns. He comes from Ragusa in Sicily. He moved to Bologna a few years ago to study at the University. During his university career, he came to know the Gospel and began to follow Jesus as his disciple. Alberto was immediately hungry for the Word of God. As soon as he finished his university studies, he began his journey as an intern at Nuova Vita.

Our training path also includes the possibility of taking short periods of time abroad to improve the English language and to get confronted with other realities of church and ministry. Last year, thanks to a generous scholarship that was donated, Alberto was able to study for 5 months at the Union School of Theology in Wales, UK. Since his English was already at an advanced level, he was allowed to take some courses in Theology with other mother tongue students instead of the basic course during which students learn the English language and get a biblical overview.

From that moment on Alberto’s passion for the Word and for the pastoral ministry has steadily been growing. So when we returned to Italy, while continuing to follow the internship courses we hold at Nuova Vita, we began to explore some possibilities for deeper Theological studies and we moved towards Bethlehem Seminary in Minneapolis, MN, the seminar founded by John Piper.

Thanks to God, Alberto has passed with success some Greek language exams necessary to enter the Seminar’s program and he is currently completing visa procedures; one of these procedures includes demonstrating the financial availability to pay for the University.

I am grateful and proud for this opportunity that God is opening for Alberto and I encourage you to pray for him and for this new adventure.

If the Lord puts you in the heart the desire to contribute to the university expenses, please visit the DONATE page or contact me to know how to donate for this project, or in general for the “internship” project.

You will have the privilege to contribute to the development of young italian people who love to teach the Word and are training specifically for this reason.

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